Majority of U.S. House of Representatives Says “No” to Requiring Agriculture to Shift to Accrual Accounting

A Victory for the Farmers for Tax Fairness Campaign Farmers for Tax Fairness today praised members of the House of Representatives for their overwhelming support of common sense accounting for America’s farmers and ranchers. Last week, more than half of the legislative body signed a letter to House Leadership expressing support for tax rules that… Read More

Forty-Six Senators Express Opposition to Mandated Use of Accrual Accounting

On Wednesday, August 6, 46 Senators wrote to Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden and Ranking Member Orrin Hatch to express concern about the proposal contained in the Cost Recovery and Accounting Discussion Draft released late last year by former Chairman Max Baucus that would require many businesses to use the accrual method of accounting…. Read More

Breaking: Victory in the House

Pleased to share some amazing news. We have scored a grand-slam home run in the U.S. House of Representatives today. As expected, Chairman Camp released his draft tax reform legislation. As expected, this bill will require all businesses with more than $10 million in gross receipts to shift to accrual accounting. Because of our efforts,… Read More

K·Coe Isom releases independent study showing $12.1 billion negative impact of proposed tax-law changes on U.S. ag industry

Congressional Tax Proposals Would Cost Agriculture $4.8 Billion; Loss of Equity Would Reduce Borrowing Capacity by Another $7+ Billion (Washington, DC).  Proposed changes to the tax code restricting the use of cash accounting by agricultural operations would reduce agriculture’s access to capital by as much as $12.1 billion over the next four years, according to a… Read More

Campaign update #3

Efforts continue in convincing Congress to not adopt the proposed changes to cash accounting rules for U.S. agriculture. In February, Brian Kuehl and Greg Krissek from K·Coe Isom, and Riley Higby, an economist with Informa Economics, traveled to Washington, D.C. to brief congressional offices on the economic impact analysis that Informa is preparing on the… Read More

K·Coe Isom submits comments to Senate Finance Committee related to proposed tax reform

K·Coe Isom prepared an analysis detailing the potential impacts on agriculture from the tax reform proposals contained in the Chairman’s Staff “Cost Recovery and Accounting Tax Reform Discussion Draft” dated November 21, 2013. Read K·Coe Isom’s Jan 13 2014 letter to  the Senate Finance Committee expressing concern about the proposal to limit the use of cash… Read More

Campaign update #2

2014 is off to a fast start on the cash v. accrual campaign. The Senate Finance Committee has requested comments on their Cost Recovery discussion draft by January 17. K·Coe Isom and the Farmers for Tax Fairness campaign are working on comments on the many issues in the draft that could affect agriculture, with a… Read More

Campaign update #1

Over the past month, Farmers for Tax Fairness has continued its efforts to convince Congress that it should not change cash accounting rules for U.S. agriculture. Expanding FTF Team We’re pleased to announce that we have engaged two additional consulting firms to help with outreach to the agricultural community around the United States. First, from… Read More

Thanksgiving update from FairFarmTax

The agricultural community is making great strides in its efforts to head off the proposed changes to the cash accounting rules. The American Farm Bureau, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and other agricultural organizations have been doing a great job in reaching out to their members and enlisting their help in working with Congress. Farmers for… Read More

Bipartisan group of lawmakers urges Camp to reconsider small business tax reform

A Politico whiteboard post by Brian Faler reads: A bipartisan group of 71 lawmakers is urging Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp to back off a proposal to require more companies to use a different form of accounting when calculating their taxes. In a letter released today, they objected to having businesses with at… Read More


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