The agricultural community is making great strides in its efforts to head off the proposed changes to the cash accounting rules.

The American Farm Bureau, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and other agricultural organizations have been doing a great job in reaching out to their members and enlisting their help in working with Congress.

Farmers for Tax Fairness has been supplementing these efforts by launching a nationwide outreach effort to bring together all elements of the agricultural community – from citrus growers in Florida to feedlots in Kansas to grape growers in California.

Farmers all across America would be impacted by these changes. It’s only by working together, and talking directly with our elected representatives, that we can convince Congress to not change the cash accounting rules for agriculture.

If you haven’t yet, please contact your lawmakers and tell them you don’t want to see these changes come to your state and your industry. And please also consider helping to fund our outreach efforts. More at Join the Campaign.